When getting ready to paint your home it can feel overwhelming, especially when searching for the right painting contractor to take care of your home. Below we have listed 10 questions that you can ask your painting contractor to get a better idea of what to expect from the job. 

  1. Which grade of paint will be used to paint the exterior of my home?

Premium Exterior Paint is the grade of paint that Elite Construction uses for every project. Most commonly, we use Kelly Moore, Benjamin Moore, and Sherwin Williams as these brands provide excellent flow and leveling, apply more evenly to create a smoother finish, hide prior color with fewer coats, and are resistant to dents and cracks which help the paint perform better against the elements. Premium exterior paint will save clients money in the long run because using cheap alternatives will require multiple coats and recoating in a few years. This paint is ideal for all exterior siding, barge rafters, shakes, downspouts, etc.


2. How long will it take to complete the job?

Job completion varies depending on the size of the project and crew. Customarily, each job consists of one crew which is 2 employees. Full house exterior home painting, typically, is between 3 to 6 days. It is important to note that there could be several reasons a painting job can take longer than expected, such as weather delays, clients change their minds about the color, excessive paint prep, product availability (custom orders) and additional damage is found resulting in unplanned repairs. If clients elect for partial paint for their repairs, it is usually finished within a day. 

3. Will the crew clean after the completion of the job?

The crew will clean at the end of every workday. The crew is trained to leave the work area cleaner then they came to. This includes disposing of old material, debris, loose screws, wood shavings, empty buckets, etc. The estimated total price includes labor, material, material delivery, clean up, disposal of construction debris and travel costs. This is indicated within our agreement on page 7. Additionally, if the client discovers residue materials on the Jobsite that may be related to the Project, the Customer must notify the Contractor within 24 hours for the Contractor to send its clean-up crew or other agents to remove the Residue Materials.

4. What warranty will be offered?

A warranty certificate is issued to all our clients. Under the warranty, we warrant that the project will be free from material defects and will substantially conform to the specifications of this agreement. However, it is expressly agreed that the warranty does not apply to pre existing defects, cracks, and leaks.

5. What is your prepping process?

In preparation for paint, Elite Construction crews power wash the exterior of the house. They are trained to scrape peeling paint and apply peel stop around the house as necessary. Additionally, they must mask or cover plants as needed and paint the exterior of the house using body and trim colors selected by the client. The painting process involves spraying the body and overhang back-rolling when necessary and painting the trim.

6. Who can I call if I have questions?

If you have any questions regarding the project of your home then please call our field representative: Daniil Yushkov at (916) 216-2611. If you have any questions regarding the agreement or scheduling, please call our office at (916) 469-4660. We encourage our clients to ask questions because we strongly believe in keeping the client informed and updated before, during, and after the project.

7. How should I prepare for the arrival of the crew?

Prior to painting, the homeowner is to provide clearance to the walls from any obstructions including but not limited to vegetation, pots, items next to the wall, etc. 


8. Are you licensed?

Elite Construction and Remodel is licensed, bonded, and insured. Our license number is 976922.  Feel free to visit the contractors state license board website to verify our license!

9. How many workers should I expect at the job site and are all of them covered with Workers Compensation?

As mentioned before, typically, one crew is sent to each job and that crew is made up of 2 people: a leadsman and an apprentice. Both are qualified and trained individuals who abide by OSHA regulations. All of Elite Construction employees are covered under workers compensation and safety meetings are held bimonthly. 

10. Do you have references that can verify the quality of work? 

The quality of work can be verified by our past clients. Please refer to the reviews left on our website. You are also able to read our google and yelp reviews. Additionally, the pictures posted in this article are all of our work and for more projects similar to these please go here.